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Changing furniture – changing lives.



To everything, there is a season; even to kitchen renovation.

You finally did it - you have tiled the kitchen, painted the ceiling, and fixed the floors. At last, trash and debris are removed, and the windows are squeaky-clean.


It is obvious that the old cupboard and kitchen cabinets look odd in your new kitchen. Is the purchase of new pre-made kitchen cabinets a solution? This will slim down your wallet, and there is no guarantee that the pre-made standard cabinets and kitchen appliances will properly fit in your space. The solution is our custom cabinetwork and build-in furniture. Modern technologies and materials allow to achieve high quality at affordable prices.

"Changing Furniture - Changing Lives" is our company's motto. Your visions of and requirements to custom-made furniture combined with our design suggestions and ideas will lead to excellent results - not only will you kitchen be functional but it also will become a reflection of your individuality. You will enjoy а cup of tea in the evening in a cozy home atmosphere.

In the event you do not wish to stop half-way and want to renovate your living room, bedroom, or office, our company is prepared to accept orders on sliding-door wardrobe armoires, walk-in closest, bookshelf furniture, kids' rooms, and entrance area furnishings.

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