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Natural wood facades

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How to decide what kitchen layout to choose? What criteria should be considered in this case? Expediency and convenience are above all. Even a small-sized kitchen can meet these requirements if the work is done professionally: many aspects are taken into account, among which the location of the water pipes, electrical wiring, and ventilation. This kind of work can only be entrusted to professionals.

Our experts will offer several different types of kitchen layouts, including:

  • Single-Line Layout is ideal for  small kitchens;
  • Galley Layout offers two rows of working space installed along the opposite walls;
  • L-Shaped Layout is suitable for installation in any room;
  • U-shaped Layout uses three walls to create a "U", maximizing space and providing additional counter space.
  • “Island” Layout that puts  a stove and sink in the center;
  • “Peninsula” Layout is appropriate in larger rooms

Modification of existing models. At the client’s request, original design solutions offered by our experts (for instance, bar counter or latticed dish dryer doors ), will add a special touch to your kitchen.

We place high emphasis on customer’s requirements during the production of kitchen furniture from wood, plastic, metal or MDF.

The price that we charge for our kitchens includes delivery and  installation of kitchen cabinets, shelves, dryers, tables, countertops, sink and stove cut-outs. (The price does not include the sink, electric appliances and their installation).

To ensure that our prices and contract terms, on which you may place an order with our company, you are welcome to do some market research. Call our competitors.   We are certain  that our prices, terms and conditions will prove to be the best in the “price-quality” category. 

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 Стенка в квартиру мебельная. Горка Фасады натуральное дерево


Стенка в квартиру мебельная. Горка Фасады натуральное дерево


stenka_gorka, стенка, горка Фасады натуральное дерево stenka_gorka, стенка, горка Фасады натуральное дерево

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